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    About Owei About Us
    About Us

    TAZIHOU CITY HUANGYAN OUWEI PLASTIC & MOULD CO.,LTD is a specialist manufacturer of plastic molds for air conditioner,washing machine,TV Set, fridge, automobile, motorcycle, dust-collector, commoditys(such as table, chair, pail, chest)and so on.We have accumulated over ten years' experience in mold manufacturing since our company fouded in 1987 . Now, we have a well-qualified team consisting of designing ,manufacturing,management and technical specialists,we also have a series of equipments ahead of our fraternities.In machining center,we have introducted equipments such as electric spark,thread incision...

    Products List Products List
    Commodity Mould  
    Ouwei Mould has design and manufactured various kinds type of commodity moulds, such as plastic chair mould, plastic table mould, basket mould, crate mould...

    Motorcycle Mould  
    We can design and manufacture whole motorcycle parts mould for each customers ...
    Home Appliace Mould  
    Home appliace mould include: washing machine mould, tv mould, air conditioner mould, vacuum cleaner mould etc.
    Contact US Contact Us
  3. ADD: No.29, Kangqiang Road, west industry area, Huangyan, Zhejiang, China
  4. Contact Person: Mr. Huang  Annie Zhang
  5. H/P: 86-13906571822  86-13819695705
  6. Tel: 86-576-84290800  84118015
  7. Fax: 86-576-84290799
  8. E-mail: sales@tzmould.com
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    Enterprise purpose: people oriented,quality first, strive for perfection. Development target: specialized、respect-work、high efficiency、win toget her . Enterprise spirit: unity and cooperation、 pursue for excellent 、exploration and innovation. Business idea: specialization 、characteristic, creating brand names of automobile mold.
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